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Uploaded on 22.10.2012 by malcolm wallace
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Project overview

Name: Young Ambassadors
Project leader: malcolm wallace
Date started: 05-01-2011
Category Athletics and Innovation
Location Great Britain and Northern Ireland, watford
Project status finished
Project overview a program that will have 16 students ambassadors for a local club two per senior school linking school and club to provide a friendly face to athletics that can go into primary/junior ( 5-12 years) schools supporting staff.

age between 16 and 18 years. interested in officiating and coaching. Athletic performance is not the main criteria but looking at youngsters across the board from non sports people to elite perfomrers.


26 January 2011 17:34
The training courses are set up and a selection process will be initiated within the next few days. Team clothing has been selected and we shall proceed very shortly.


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