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Project overview

Name: Ung:leder 2013/14
Project leader: Matias Lavik
Date started: 05-11-2013
Category Athletics and Innovation
Location Norway, National
Project status ongoing since 4 years, 5 months
Project overview Education in leadership, project management and volunteering for youths between 15-25 in Norway.

The main goal of the project is to give the 100 young leaders the confidence and the tools they need to take on leadership roles and hereunder take responsibility for their own local community. The project is organised in four weekend seminars divided throughout one year, and every participant must carry out a local project.


05 November 2013 08:16
The third cohort of young:leader got a flying start last weekend in September when 101 new young leaders from athletics , orienteering and skiing were collected at Tjøme in Vestfold. Here is the report of the first session of 2013/14. 101 new, motivated participants arrived Rica Havna Hotel on Friday afternoon. This year there were 86 from athletics; eleven from orienteering and four from the Ski Federation. The seminar was carried out in the same place and time as the fall meeting of the Norwegian Athletics Federation. The participants had the opportunity to meet the leaders of today. The participants got a powerful start with Haldor Skard aka Popping Grandpa form the Norwegian Olympic center. His inspirational and motivational speeches set the mood for the whole weekend. Finally the project manager Matias Lavik could greet the young:leaders and inform of practical information. Saturday was full of interesting lectures and activities. Henrik Carstens got the first leg with his lecture on team dynamics and team performance where participants could test their understanding of different team roles. There were many active discussions both in plenary and within teams. After an informative and knowledgeable presentation from Carstens was time to create relationships within the teams. Using scissors, glue and a variety of magazines and journals, the participants created a cover page on his notepad witch represented his or hers interests. In addition, they should reflect and write down their own qualities and expectations of youth:Leader . When the teams had learned to know each other better, it was back to the great hall where Lars kolsrud held lectures about his experiences as a doctor at the Olympic Center. It revealed many inspiring stories from elite sports. Lunch meant loading up on meat and pasta before finished with a caramel pudding. After lunch, the participants went out for a team-building puzzle run. The race consisted of seven items with both small and great challenges, which was very well received by the participants. It was a lot of fun as the participants were to do everything from blowing balloons and crawl through the spider web, to guess the weight of team leader Haavard. When the race came to an end, it was time to get an introduction to various project ideas through concept explanations and past experiences. It was a chance to think about what they would like to do for the club and their local projects. At 17 a clock the participants was given a well-deserved break. Here you could spend your time training, socializing or just to relax in the cabins. The day continued with dinner followed by a session of the project manager, where the participants made a clarification of expectations and liability rules for young:leader 2013/14 . When this was completed, the evening closed with music quiz. The last day of the first weekend started with a group photo. It took a lot of advanced logistics, but the participants finally gathered in one place and stroke their best pose. When the picture was taken and the participants found their seats, the first session of project management with Trond Atle Smedsrud kicked off. It was three hours of lectures, assignments in teams and joint discussions on project establishment. A well-deserved lunch was served at noon, before the future leaders of Norwegian sports sat on the bus to Oslo and Gardermoen.


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