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Project overview

Name: Lets bring Athletics to the Schools
Project leader: Vahida Kozic
Date started: 05-05-2013
Category Athletics in Schools
Location Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Project status ongoing since 8 years, 3 months
Project overview Athletic club Sarajevo, runs a project since 2010, which involves a visit to the elementary schools in Sarajevo region. Project includes children aged 8-11 year, and consists of the presentation of the Kids Athletics Events in elementary schools.

The project exists in the area of ​​Sarajevo for four years now and in 2011 had the final pilot test with different areas of the municipality of Sarajevo Canton. The project is part of a global plan for the development of athletics in the world and refers to the application of modified forms of athletics events in junior grades. It is the animator program for children aged 8-11 years through competitions in each class, inter-grades, and school contests in municipalities and at the end of the final competition at the cantonal level. Project ends each year at the end of the May, with the finals held at Athletic center Kosevo, Sarajevo. The main purpose is to bring athletics closer to the children in schools and take them at the end from schools for one day to enjoy the spirit of athletics. The project is for two consecutive years a part of the Junior Athletic Meeting of the Friendship in Sarajevo as a pre event part. The project was successfully presented at the International Junior Meeting of Friendship in 2011 she entered the program of this meeting. Is realized with the help of teachers of physical education and engagement of volunteers members of the Athletic Club.


08 August 2014 12:30
Our project was a part of the Junior Meeting of Friendship, which is held each year in Sarajevo. It become a part of the Meeting pre-programm in 2012 and 2013. In that way our project had been recognized and presented to the public. Each year we had the same challenge to organize the display and involve many volunteers, both student, club members and PE teachers. The photos from Meeting held in 2011 are presented in a section Photo.


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