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Tretsiak, Tania (tania_t)
Badzich, Maryia (Maryia_Badzich)

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Project overview

Name: #followminsk (presented by Maryia Badzich and Tatiana Tretsiak)
Project leader: Tania Tretsiak
Date started: 28-06-2016
Category Athletics and Innovation
Location Belarus, Minsk
Project status ongoing since 2 years, 11 months
Project overview In the project, we will describe the work with volunteers, attraction well-known personalities to participate in the running movement, interaction with sponsors, marketing strategy!

Everyone knows that running is not only useful but also enjoyable! A run in the company of friends and associates - twice! We present you the project of the Belarusian Athletics Federation, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, sports, unity with nature and communication between people. Hundreds of citizens come twice a week to free training under the guidance of a professional coach, where they find new friends and lifestyle. Afterwards, enjoy their victories, and inspired by the victories of others on the way to their dream - to conquer the longest distance. Great influence on the motivation made the team of celebrities and well-known persons, the media, public authorities - dreamteam. This once again confirms that the athletics brings together people of different professions and occupations. Winter training takes place indoors (arena), and in the spring and summer- in the most beautiful and historical places of the capital. One of the aims of the project is to prepare participants to Minsk Half Marathon, the most mass and bright gift to the Belarusian capital, Minsk, on its birthday. This year Minsk Half Marathon held on September 4 and followminsk participants are actively preparing for it. Each jogging has its own theme (color feast, lecture by famous athlete, costume race, practice yoga and TRX, etc.) The project does not end with the date of the half-marathon and becomes a lifestyle and attracts new members. Follow the dream, follow a healthy lifestyle, follow Minsk, follow us!



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