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Project overview

Name: trackarena.com
Project leader: Michele Fortunato
Date started: 08-01-2011
Category Athletics and Innovation
Location Italy,
Project status ongoing since 9 years, 8 months
Project overview website about athletics

this is my website about athletics http://www.trackarena.com i've created it to spread athletics in italy. i'm looking for people who would help me. at the moment we are almost 30 collaborators in Italy. Now is the time to grow up and involve the Europe! If you would like to open a section of the website in your country please get in touch!


30 May 2016 09:03
Today TrackArena got its first official assignment from the Italian Athletics Federation! We have been chosen to cover the National Schools Championships with one of our photographers

07 August 2015 02:04
It's time to grow up! atletpercaso.net just became trackarena.com and goes international! Austria is already on board, which will be the next country? Get in touch if you want to help us and join the adventure!

09 October 2012 05:03
We have won the Innovation Awards 2012 in the category Promotion!


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