UNESCO European Athletics Young Leaders Community


Young Leader of the Month! (SUSPENDED)

The Young Leader that logs the most hours in a calendar month will be awarded with the accolade and title of Young Leader of the Month.

  • Remember we are after volunteered hours

Need to have filled out your profile page adequately:

  • Need to have a picture for your profile
  • Email contact details

  • Gender

  • Country

  • A little “about me” - information about you!


Project of the month!  (SUSPENDED)

So what is the criteria to achieve this award?

  • Must be: an active project that is registered on the EAYLC

    • Hours must be logged to the project in the last month

  • Must be related to youth

    • Either youth led, or youth focussed

  • Must be an actual project not just an idea or in the developments thereof

  • Must be presented well on the EAYLC

    • Photo, description, documents, updates, videos etc


What is in it for you?  (SUSPENDED)

Benefits of achieving the award:

  • Certificate from European Athletics to prove your achievement

  • Acknowledgement of Young Leader/Project of the Month!

    • Social media interview (standardised questions/questions about your project/how people got involved)

    • A spread about your achievement/project

    • Shared via a newsletter to community members

  • Chance to become Young Leader/Project of the Year!

    • If you win that, you gain a place at the next Young Leaders Forum in Berlin 2018 and we offer two places to present the project of the year.



If you volunteer to help an athletics organisation or event, or if you are working on an athletics-related project, we want to know about it and we would like to show you the sport’s appreciation.

For the purpose of the European Athletes Young Leaders Community volunteering is defined as working on behalf of the sport without payment for time or services.

Adding the hours you volunteer on your personal profile page will move you closer to being able to receive a recognition certificate signed by the community’s strategic partner, European Athletics, which you can add to your Curriculum Vitae and which may help you advance in your academic or employment career.

Recognition Levels

The recognitions offered are:

Bronze Certificate – for 100 logged hours

Silver Certificate – for 250 logged hours

Gold Certificate – for 500 logged hours

Platinum Certificate – for 2000 logged hours


Notes: Hours logged for each certificate count towards the next level of award.