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What can you do?

The possibilities for the types of projects you can do are practically endless. Browsing our database of projects that other community members have taken on will give you ideas and inspire you.

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Project Introduction

One of the main aims of the European Athletics Young Leaders Community is to encourage community members to plan and deliver their own athletics-related projects. Projects allow you to be creative and give you control over the work you do, how you do it and whom you work with.

But just as important a project can be fun and bring many benefits to you as a project leader or team member. These include:

  • A valuable accomplishment and experience to put on your Curriculum Vitae
  • Leadership and team working skills
  • Other work-related skills such as planning, budgeting, coordinating, reporting, etc.
  • Sport, business and civil society contacts
  • New or deeper friendships
  • Recognition within your local community and the European Athletics Young Leaders Community
  • A strong sense of accomplishment

For the purposes of the European Athletics Young Leaders Community, a project is an athletics-related activity that you plan and implement, either by yourself or with a team of others.

If you are involved or planning to be involved in a project that promotes athletics, we want to know about it, offer our support and show you the sport’s appreciation.

Project support & recognition

We can offer project leaders and teams the following forms of support:

  • A database of projects and projects ideas
    See "What you can do?" Box on this page

  • A list of contacts who will support project teams
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  • Project planning guidelines and tools
    Browse Guidelines

To motivate and reward our active members we offer recognition that is backed by European Athletics for completed projects.

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To be eligible for our project support and recognition, it will be necessary to register your project, establish a link with the national athletics federation in your country and meet certain criteria that will help us monitor your progress, assist you and verify your accomplishments.