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New tool launch delayed!

January 10, 2011

The “European Athletics Young Leaders Community” is launching a new feature to help the sport to reward volunteer work and is calling on young people from around Europe to join its social network and take advantage of the opportunity.


The tool, which allows volunteers to register hours and receive recognition certificates for the work they donate to athletics, will be unveiled as a part of an upgrade of the community’s website from the beta version created in 2010 to a fully functional version on 17 January.


The upgrade, originally planned for today, 10 January, has been delayed for a week due to minor logistical issues.
A counter on the European Athletics homepage has been rest to reflect the new launch date.


“We are really looking forward to seeing the new website go live,” said European Athletics Director General Christian Milz. “We believe that young people who are looking to develop their skills and make friends through the sport will be very interested in what the community has to offer.”


The beta version of the community’s website was launched in conjunction with the successful European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona last August.


Milz explained that ideas put forward by the forum’s 100 participants from 46 countries have been incorporated into website: “We had a great group of young people and they told us how we should be keeping the community alive and helping them while they help athletics.”


The beta version has already attracted more than 200 members through word of mouth recommendations and a European Athletics Facebook group.


The upgraded website provides a platform for members to communicate with each other and to collect hours that lead to system of bronze, silver and gold recognition certificates from European Athletics, which can be used as support for applications for jobs or places in higher education.


Events and clubs are also invited join the community as “community partners,” which makes it possible for the hours worked by their volunteers to count towards the recognition.”


“This is a win-win situation that can help clubs attract and retain the good young people they need,” said Milz.


In addition to social network features like personal profiles, blogs and messaging, the main forms of activity on the community are volunteer work for organisations in the sport (clubs, events, schools, etc.) and projects designed and implemented by members with support from the community’s partners.


Membership is completely free of charge.


To join the community now you just need to click on the link below to sign up in a matter of seconds:


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