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  • Athlete Stewarding, what is it?

    Monday 27 February 2017

    The weekend of the British Indoor Team Trials, was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking from beginning to end, but definitely an enjoyable one.

    It all started for me back in December when I received the email from British Athletics informing me I had been appointed as an athlete steward, this was the first time I had been to a meeting of such stature. I didn't really know what an athlete steward did but assumed I would be working around athletes. After asking other officials who had done this before I learned that I would be escorting athletes from first call ...

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  • The First International Light Competition

    Monday 20 February 2017

    As athletic fans, we should think about how to make our sport more popular and attractive. For example, in recent years we have seen many new ideas like street competitions, mixed relay races, nitro athletics and even javelin throwing in the street as a part of a European Athletics Championships.

    There are some countries that athletics is already an attractive and popular sport, but for my country, Israel, athletics is rated number 8 in the Israeli sports list. We, the athletics fans, need to work very hard and smart, to change this situation. With small manpower and limited resources, we ...

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  • Nitro Athletics...has it run out of gas already?

    Wednesday 15 February 2017

    So what is Nitro Athletics?

    "Nitro Athletics Melbourne is a new team-based competition that combines strength, endurance, power and extreme energy, set to revolutionise track and field."


    100m and 150m (Power)
    • 2 races – one for women one for men
    • Combined placings determine placing / points for team; 1st + 4th = 5pts | 2nd + 3rd = 5pts etc
    • Ties based on highest place from both races

    Pole Vault (Technique)
    • Pre-defined starting heights
    • 4 attempts only at heights chosen by the athlete
    • Combined height from W & M determine results, placing / points for team

    3 Minute Run (Endurance)
    • Men start and run for 3mins
    • Finish distance ...

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  • To be a small cog in a big machine

    Sunday 05 February 2017

    On the 28th and 29th of January 2017, a special event took place in Prague, the Czech Republic. The Czech Athletic Federation organised the International Indoor Combined Events Match 2017 and teams from France, Great Britain, Poland and Spain came to Prague to compete in the friendly. A team from the Czech Republic was present too of course. Therefore, around 120 people come to this competition and I was a part of it.

    Yes, this event was not of a big scale, such as the World or European Championships. However, for me it was the first meeting with involvement in ...

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