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  • Katrin Heyers, Ready for the Young Leaders Forum.

    Wednesday 08 June 2016


    My name is Kate, I'm 22 years old and currently studying psychology in Dusseldorf, Germany. I am the head of the national Youth-Team of our Federation and a mentor for the national Anti-Doping Program. Additionally I represented the EA Anti-Doping Program at the U20 and U23 European Championships last year and will do the same at the U18 European Championships this summer.

    I have been involved in athletics for 16 years, first as an athlete and nowadays as a coach for boys and girls in the age between 13-15. More importantly, however, I am a part of the ...

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  • Mikkel Hansen, aka Mr. Hansen! ;)

    Tuesday 07 June 2016

    My name is Mikkel, I am 22 years old and from Copenhagen in Denmark!

    Right now I am webmaster on TrackArena Danmark (athletic webpage and Facebookpage). Previously I was a part of the Danish Athletic federations youth committee.
    This year I will be in charge of a new team in my club (U18), which will be the link from youth to senior!
    Last but most important: I am one of the Young Leaders helping with the preparation of the EA Young Leaders Forum in Amsterdam!
    Who is next? GO GO GO!
    And I look forward to see all of you ...

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