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  • STORY #2: 2015 was bitter-sweet in Denmark

    Tuesday 19 January 2016

    2015 was for me a very mixed year. Many good things happened, but also many challenges in my voluntary work in athletic. One of the biggest things was to be a part of Danish Athletic Federations education called “Make Athletic Happen” – it was an education programme for young event and management leaders. The education gave me and the other participants new motivation, and working with athletics gave me a lot of experience, which I can use now and in the future. During and after the training, I tried to make a new initiative, but unfortunately it didn’t go as ...

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  • STORY #1: 2015 From the perspective of a teamer

    Friday 15 January 2016

    I would like to think of 2015 as the year where everything started. A new youth team was found within the German Youth department of the German Athletics federation and I was able to be a part of its first meeting. We met up in early march and just like any athlete immediately started to prepare for our first season. Three German Championships were on our agenda, all of them within three weeks in July and August. Usually, a team needs time to grow until things get in place and working procedures become a habit. However, it tooks us probably ...

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