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  • The Bank of Inspiration, a bank created by the Swedish Youth Council

    Sunday 18 December 2016

    The Swedish Youth Council was created back in February 2005 and has been developed throughout the years. It now consists of seven young leaders all between 18 and 25 years old from all around Sweden, who have decided to dedicate a part of their spare time for voluntary work inside the federation. It works as so that if you are selected to represent the Youth Council you will be granted a term of office for two years, and then you could be re-elected for another two years, making four years the longest you can stay as a part of the ...

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  • International Day of People with a Disability

    Tuesday 06 December 2016

    Saturday was the “International Day of People with a Disability”, the perfect day for a little throwback to September this year.

    Thursday the 15th to Tuesday the 20th of September - I attended an ENGSO Youth seminar about: "Sport Unified: How sport is a tool for inclusion of diversity".

    I came across ENGSO Youth previously, when they had a workshop at the Young Leaders Forum in Amsterdam 2016.

    What I find very interesting with ENGSO Youth is their vision about “Give youth a real say in Sports” – and that is also what I think is important for Young Leaders in athletics ...

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