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  • Volunteer?? YES, thank you!!

    Wednesday 27 August 2014

    My name is Jasmin Gavranović. I'm 24, and I started volunteering 5 years ago. At first I volunteered out of boredom and curiosity, but when I started meeting new people, where I learned to accept other opinions, learned the skills of nonviolent communication and teamwork, then I realized that volunteering provides an opportunity to belong somewhere and find your place in the world, but and to help other people. Because I think that in life we have to give ourselves, and not just look for something from others.

    My first days of volunteerism are related to Tuzla Community Foundation ...

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  • Reflecting about the Zurich Forum

    Thursday 21 August 2014

    After being offered to participate in this year's EA UNESCO Young Leaders Forum, I honestly had no idea on what to except. I decided to try to reach at least one goal during those five days: make connections to expand our national project and turn it into an international one. However, I got a lot more than just that.

    All participants have different backgrounds, some work within their national federation, others still compete on different levels, but we all immediately connected because of one fact: we all love athletics and want to promote it. Thanks to this connection it ...

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  • 1st day of Forum Activities

    Monday 11 August 2014

    Coming to the Young Leader forum for the second time (first was in FInland 2012) was worring me. Could I be part of something really special again? Could I play the role as two years ago? I came to zurich 48 hours ago and I changed my mind, thanking to the game session of yesterday night, when few of us started to know each other with simple but funny activities.

    Then sharing the same room with people from all around europe is wonderfull, it's a grate chance to know the other and sometimes it's funny to discover that ...

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  • Zurich Forum, time for opportunities

    Wednesday 06 August 2014

    Dear all!

    My name is Ieva and I`m working in Latvian Athletics association. I started my practice in the association while I was studying Communication Science in Latvian University. From that time, I`m connected with athletics 24/7. Before that I was involved in track and field partly as an athlete.

    Now I`m going to the Young Leaders Forum and I`ve been waiting this moment for all my summer. It was the European Athletics Convention in Tallinn when I first time heard about this Forum. From then I realized I would like to be a part ...

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  • What do you expect from Zurich Forum?

    Saturday 02 August 2014

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Blanka Kívés, I am one of the participants of this year’s European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum in Zürich.

    This is a great opportunity for me to hear and learn new thoughts, theories, to meet new people with the same interests as I have, to be listened and to be appriciated in an international sport-related community.

    I applied for this possibility in March and was overjoyed to hear the very best news of my year - that I will be the one, representing Hungary in the Forum. I am honored that I could get this chance ...

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