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  • The Social Jigsaw!

    Sunday 27 October 2013

    The Oxford dictionary describes the word creative as; "relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something"

    So where do we get our ideas from? Is it inspiration from others, childhood imagination or looking at our surroundings and putting the “social jigsaw” together? I like to think that creativity comes from 3 key areas:
    • Passion for what you do
    • Knowledge of your key interests
    • Imagination

    Passion – what makes your head spin, your heart beat and your eyes open in the morning?
    Knowledge – what have you read, learned and experienced?
    Imagination – taking the pieces out ...

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  • Spain triggers Anti-Doping educational programme

    Thursday 17 October 2013

    This Community has seen many good practices of national and international projects related to doping. We saw how Slovenian “SLOADO - Young Ambassadors” got funding from UNESCO last April; and also European Athletics initiative “I run clean, I throw clean, I jump clean” had a big impact on three European championships last summer.

    Following Slovenia and European Athletics lead, a third initiative will take place in Spain. Community members from the Spanish Youth Committee have been working closely with the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Sports Health – AEPSAD (formerly Spanish Anti-Doping Agency). By the end of September UNESCO Anti-Doping FUND ...

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