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  • Progress after Helsinki2012

    Friday 26 October 2012

    Hi again!!

    This week I am writing @YOUTH directly to ask for feedback on the project I’m developing. I believe there has been a lot of progress since the 2012 Helsinki Forum, but there is still so much work to do. For example, we would like to engage more young people from our community. To achieve that I am creating a Facebook page in Spanish in order to reach more volunteers there. That page will be used as a link in between young people related to athletics in that country and this platform. I would appreciate if you guys ...

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  • Reunion at the European Athletics Indoor Championships Gothenburg

    Thursday 25 October 2012

    At the 2006 European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg a group of young people came together for the first European Athletics Youth Forum in cooperation with UNESCO. Some of us have kept in touch over the years via Facebook. Now many are young officials in their clubs, regional or national federations. Athletics is still a part of their life - the sport of our lives!

    In March 2013, seven years later, some of the original group will go back to where we first met for a reunion. This time it will be during the European Athletics Indoor Championships in March. It is ...

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  • Numbers increasing with time: Goteborg 2006, Barcelona 2010, Helsinki 2012…

    Friday 19 October 2012

    Hi to everyone,

    I hope everybody is ready for the “HOT” topic of increasing the numbers. We like to see our bank balances going up, the number of our Facebook friends growing, the number of sponsors we have for an event… increasing. In fact growth is almost always a good thing! That’s why this week we have a specific goal: to get the number of volunteer hours UP!!

    Over the last three editions of the European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum, the online platform has been a dream project, then a materialized entity and now we will bring it to ...

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    Friday 19 October 2012

    Before, I never thought such a small step could have such huge benefits. But through my experiences I now realize that each small step has led me to so many great opportunities.

    My name is Francisco Colomar, but almost everyone calls me “Xicu”. Feel free to refer to me as Xicu. I am a 23 year-old athlete from Spain and I have traveled to many places in the world through sports. I started practicing athletics when I was 6 years old because I was an extremely active kid and my parents couldn’t keep me calm. They said: “we’ll ...

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