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  • Running together, having fun together!

    Monday 26 September 2011

    Hi everyone,

    A few weeks ago I shared with you attending a corporate triathlon event in Lausanne, Switzerland with companies competing against each other and colleagues teaming up.

    Two weeks ago I went to see "La Parisienne", a road race for women only in Paris, France where participants could register both on their own but and as a team for their company.

    The day before the race an entire village was dedicated to the participants and visitors, who could listen to music, learn about stretching, training, etc.

    During the race, it was really great to see so many women from ...

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  • Volunteer figures from Paris 2011

    Thursday 15 September 2011

    Once again, I want to share with you some interesting statistics. Today, I am highlighting the European Athletics Indoor Championships, which took place in Paris in my home country last March.

    As you can imagine, hundreds' of volunteers were needed to deliver the event. I know that some of you were there!

    According the official Volunteer Guide for the championships, the total number was around 500 (79% male/21% female). As would be expected, most were from Paris itself and most of the rest were from different parts of France. But 10% were from abroad and no less than 19 ...

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  • The Pan-Armenian Games

    Tuesday 13 September 2011

    Hi, everyone

    I am from Armenia and I work at the office of the national athletics federation, where I am the head of the international department and also responsible for communications. In my free time, I often do volunteer work to help out at the athletics events staged by our federation.

    Last month I attended a part of the one of the biggest sports events in our country, the 5th Pan-Armenian Games, and I would like to share some of my thoughts.

    The Pan-Armenian Games are a multi-sport event for Armenians and the Armenian Diaspora. They are organised by the ...

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  • Almost 10, 000 hours: Have a look at the ranking and tell me your ideas!

    Friday 09 September 2011

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday I published a news article with the latest figures about the activity of our community members in the different countries of Europe. July was the first month I had checked to see what was going on and by looking again in August I found the evolution!

    To remind you, I have made two rankings by country:
    - The number of members with hours
    - The number of hours registered

    As in July, Spain is a solid leader in both and our community members there are still showing their interest in volunteering for athletics events. Well done Spain. Or should ...

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  • Hello from Ostrava

    Thursday 01 September 2011

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Ondrej Hajda and I am from Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

    Last month, The European Athletics U23 Championships took place in my city and I volunteered. A friend told me about the event and the possibility to become a member of a volunteer team so, as a patriotic citizen and a sporty person, I decided to grab the chance to promote Ostrava among young people around Europe, experience a superb athletics event and, most importantly, meet new people.

    At the beginning I helped at the Info Desk by providing information to athletes, solving problems, etc ...

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