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  • I volunteered in Novi Sad: European Athletics Team Championships 2nd league

    Thursday 30 June 2011

    I have studied Sport and Physical Education for 2 years. At college, we were prompted to volunteer for sports events. I immediately applied to be a volunteer for the European Team Championships 2nd League in Novi Sad as I love sports! This big event in athletics was also a really good opportunity. I wanted to attend a big sports event and I am glad to have done it.

    I chose to be involved in athletics when I met our famous athlete Ivana Spanovic (Long Jump): I seized the opportunity to have a photo with her and bring an autograph home ...

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  • London 2012: Who has applied to be a Games maker?

    Thursday 23 June 2011

    Last October I registered for a chance to be a volunteer at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. I am really hoping to get a position that puts me working close to the athletics competition or maybe in the main stadium.

    I know that LOCOG (the local organising committee) has received more than 250 000 applications and will need only 70 000, so it is not a sure thing that I will get a place.

    Have you already been on the London 2012 website? It’s a very good one. There is a specific part dedicated to the volunteers: They ...

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  • Women leaders in athletics…? Let’s make it possible!

    Thursday 16 June 2011

    Hi everyone,

    This year, for the second time, European Athletics is organizing its Women’s Leadership Awards and the Future Women Leaders’ Scholarships.

    Why do we need to pay attention to (future) women leaders? Well, here is a little quiz. If I list the following athletics statistics coming from our Member Federations, would you know which figure is linked to what information?

    4% - 15% - 16% - 26% - 48%

    - Women who are chair of a commission
    - Women who are president
    - Women athletes
    - Women in top leadership positions
    - Women commissions

    To give you a hint, 48% is the percentage of women athletes across ...

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  • Do you remember Paris 2003?

    Friday 10 June 2011

    As a new guy in the community, I would like to share a special experience with you. The 2003 IAAF World Championships in Athletics was the first time that I was volunteer!

    I was 18 years old and I lived in Paris for 2 weeks. The volunteers had the possibility to have a room near the Athletes’ Village and I was happy to take it. Every morning I rode the metro on a special line only for volunteers and athletes. I had some good surprises sometimes. I remember I sat in front of Carolina Klüft one the morning of her ...

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  • Suggestions for the future of the Young Leaders Community

    Tuesday 07 June 2011

    Hi Everyone

    We are both members of clubs in Finland and we have been thinking how the Young Leaders Community could better serve our clubs and what benefits it could provide those clubs that become partners in the community. Here is what we have come up with…

    Sport clubs are in need of different contacts. Their leaders need contacts to other clubs so that they can arrange meetings, trips to abroad, find competitions abroad and make cooperation. Their coaches need to find other coaches to exchange ideas and knowledge. And the same thing is true with executive managers, youth managers ...

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  • Hi everybody!

    Friday 03 June 2011

    Dear Members,

    I want to thank Olivier for his good job since January in the community. I wish you the best for the future and hope to see you soon on the community!

    As he introduced me, my name is Pierre Puyjalon and I will have the pleasure to do my best to make the community as attractive as possible for the next months!

    Who am I?! That is the question today! So, I am French, I am 26 years old and athletics is definitely my favorite sport! I use to practice almost all the events of athletics as a ...

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