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  • Before London 2012, stop at the Italian Atletipercaso.net website!

    Tuesday 26 July 2011

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Michele Fortunato. I'm 19 years old and I'm Italian. I'm very interested in athletics. Last summer I applied to volunteer at the London 2012 Olympic Games!

    I'm an athlete… so naturally the Olympic Games are a dream. I know that only few can take part to this event. Sport is so important for me: to be involved in the "temple of sports" would be incredible.
    I'm waiting for the call. They got my application, and I hope they will accept me. My skills are strictly linked to computers so I ...

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  • Ranking the community: Where is your country?

    Friday 22 July 2011

    Have you seen the latest news story? It's about our community!

    As our members have now registered more than 8000 hours of donated volunteer time, I decided to do some research to know more about them and their level of activity. The results are in the story.

    In which countries do you think we have our most active people?

    There are two analyses, but in both cases Spain and Portugal are at the top.

    If we consider the number of members who have registered their hours, the leading group is SPAIN-PORTUGAL-SERBIA. However, if ...

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  • European Team Championships 1st League Stockholm: I was there!

    Friday 15 July 2011

    Hello Young Leaders Community,

    My name is Linda Rönn and I volunteered at the European Team championships in Stockholm last month.

    I applied 6 months before the event, in November, and got accepted. I knew about the event before and thought that it would be nice to be there. But I could never guess that I would be given as much responsibility as I finally got. Due to what I have done before they made me responsible for the Mixed Zone and the Team Attaché for the Spanish team. I also took care of the Accreditation Centre before the event ...

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  • Rediscovering Sports Thanks to Sport for Life

    Wednesday 13 July 2011

    Hi everyone

    My name is Alexandra and I have been volunteering for the Sport for Life Association in Romania, where I live.

    I see volunteering as a way you can give back something to the community and get enriched as an individual. I found out about Sport for Life thanks to the events its members organize each year and as I came to learn more about its mission and values, I decided to support its projects by giving my time and energy.

    Sport for Life was created in 2006 by Gabriela Szabo, world and Olympic Champion. The association grew out ...

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  • Athletics at school

    Wednesday 13 July 2011

    I have noticed that two of the last three news articles on our website deal with sport/athletics and school. That’s a good topic to talk about!

    During my education, I never saw an Olympian or other famous athlete in my school. In the last weeks, Olympic Champion Jason Gardener visited a couple of schools in Wales, GBR, while top Estonian athletes went in the schools of five Estonian juniors who qualified for the next European Athletics Junior Championships in Tallinn.
    My opinion is that it is very important in a life to meet people who give you ideas ...

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