UNESCO European Athletics Young Leaders Community


  • Onus on us to make the community grow

    Monday 31 January 2011

    A few days ago I was at an informal gathering of communications and marketing professionals from some of the international sports federations based in Lausanne and I took this opportunity to present the European Athletics Young Leaders Community.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that more than half of those present there were not only aware of the existence of the community but quite a few of them were active on it. And the rest fully endorsed the concept of the community and voiced the need for their respective sports to forge a closer relationship with their fans ...

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  • Did you know it was the European Year of Volunteering?

    Thursday 27 January 2011

    Volunteering is becoming a major interest around Europe, and not just in sports.

    The launch of our new tool for volunteering hours coincides with the European Year of Volunteering which website can be found here:


    As you may know, European Athletics is based in Lausanne, which is an active city in terms of sports events for athletes, sports people and less sporty people, every citizens can have his/her opportunity to race.

    See the list of events here, a lot of them are for athletics:

    http://www.lausanne.ch/view.asp?docId=30083&domId=64719&Language ...

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  • Taking up my new challenge

    Tuesday 25 January 2011

    Dear Community,

    I only briefly introduced myself last week and will now take the time to tell you a little bit more about me.

    I am a graduate of a Master in Sport, Administration and Technology, which is a 1-year course I followed, here in Lausanne close to the European Athletics Office where I have just started to look after the community, as you know :o)

    Before the master, I have worked for a big electronic company where I specialised in project management. This experience was great as I was in contact with a lot of different people from several ...

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  • A New Year and New Challenges

    Wednesday 19 January 2011

    Hello everybody!
    I’m back again, after the holidays, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s Day.
    Now it’s time to focus on our common goal, which is to keep alive this community and blog, and to share experiences and of course have fun.
    It is great to see that the new volunteering hours tool has been launched and already the community has reached 300 members. Now we can really start telling our friends and athletics contacts about the community and what it offers.
    Here in Hungary 2011 doesn’t seem quite as adventurous ...

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  • Finally registering my volunteer hours!

    Tuesday 18 January 2011

    Since the launch of the community last year in summer and after knowing that a special feature to register volunteers’ hours would be available, I was really looking forward to this day!

    As a volunteer for many athletics events, I finally have a place to keep records of my contribution but also to increase the total number of hours young leaders like you and I provide to the athletics community. And lucky me, with my involvement in Barcelona last July, I am on the right track for the Bronze Certificate.

    Entering hours is quite easy to do; you would need ...

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  • European Athletics launches Young Leaders Community website!

    Monday 17 January 2011

    Hi everyone,

    I am new at European Athletics and will administrate the platform from now on, Sandra is still here too and will contribute again of course. I will introduce myself in a bit more details soon but today is the time to announce what we have been waiting for...

    The "European Athletics Young Leaders Community" has just released a new feature to support and recognize the work of volunteers who contribute to athletics.

    The tool is now live at http://athleticscommunity.org and will allow volunteers to register their hours and start their journey to obtain recognition certificates for ...

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  • Launch Delayed . . . but just for a week!

    Wednesday 12 January 2011

    Hi everyone!

    If you look at the news article I just published on the Community homepage you will see that our big launch of the new volunteer functionality has been delayed by one week due to logistical problems.

    Ooops! That was not the plan. Sorry about that.

    But I can tell you that I have already seen the off-line version of our new fully-functional website and the tools are all there, ready to go. We just need to get some other details sorted out before the whole thing can go live.

    Before I tell you a little about one of ...

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  • Sad News for Hungarian Athletics

    Friday 07 January 2011

    On the last day of the 2010, Dr Mihály Nyerges, sportsman, academic and sport leader, died of a serious disease. He was 64 years old.

    During his time as an active sportsman Dr Nyerges was a member of the Hungarian decathlon team.

    In his professional life, Dr Nyerges taught at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of Semmelweis University where he was the dean of the university for years. He was also the founder of the Hungarian sport management qualification.

    Dr Nyerges’ career as a sport leader started when he became the athletic section leader at “BEAC”, the ...

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  • My first blog!!!!

    Monday 03 January 2011

    Hello everyone, my name is Sandra Xerri and I am from France. As anticipated by Patrick in his latest blog, I am the new intern joining European Athletics in Lausanne for six months.
    Although most of my duties will focus on other projects, such as the European Athletics Women's Leadership Awards, I will be partly involved in the Young Leaders Community and I will do my best to create a real impact .

    My first experience in athletics was (like many of us) through school but at the time I never considered myself as part of the athletics movement. What ...

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