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  • Dear Friends,

    Monday 29 November 2010

    I want to let you all know about the European Athletics Junior Championships, which are going to take place next summer in my country, and give some good news for anyone who might want to be a part of it.

    I know it will be incredible and that Tallinn and the Estonian Athletic Association will give their best to host a great event from 21-24 July. Right now, the organising committee is looking for volunteers. This is your opportunity to be a member of fantastic team and see a wonderful city. I promise that you will not regret it!

    To ...

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  • Hello!

    Friday 26 November 2010

    Oh boy, lots is happening!

    I can see that many members have things to say on the blog section and that is great. Our community is becoming more and more active and the activity will increase after we get the new features and launch our first marketing outreach operation (which I am planning and working on every day).

    Be sure that you, the members, will have a part in the operation, so stay in touch for further information in the coming weeks.

    In the meantime, if some more of you want to write a blog, you can just send what ...

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  • Hello everyone!

    Wednesday 24 November 2010

    My name is Mariam and I come from Georgia. I am an office manager in the Georgian Athletics Federation. I used to be an athlete during many years, but I retired. So I can say that I love athletics with all my heart. For me, it’s very important to be able to remain part of it.

    I have enough free time to volunteer in all the competitions in my country. I try to help in every way I can. During competitions I often volunteer as a referee (I just finished my referee’s course).It’s a great experience ...

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  • Hi everyone

    Monday 22 November 2010

    I have met many of you at the Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona. I am very excited about this community and what it will offer all of you in the near future.

    We have listened to your feedback and ideas and are working on some very useful and fun features that will be of great value to all of you.
    I wanted to update you on he next features that we will be adding in the community.
    We are currently working on the Volunteering module, which will allow you, among other things, to register your volunteering hours for any athletics ...

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  • Hi my European Athletics Young Leaders Community friends

    Thursday 18 November 2010

    My name is María Zapata and I was Deputy Director of Volunteers at the Barcelona 2010 European Athletics Championships. I was involved in the project since the early beginning and I have been working very hard but at the same time enjoying my every single moment at the B10 Organizing Committee.

    I was the lucky one, as I was working directly with the Volunteers, which after the athletes were the major figures of the Championships. Recruitment, selection, training and managing where my duties while on B10 and, apart from learning a lot, I had the chance to meet plenty of ...

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  • Dear Friends, Young Leaders!

    Wednesday 17 November 2010

    I am Ádám Erdélyi from Hungary. I’ve been an athletics judge since 2005, but I started to work as a volunteer earlier, at the 2004 World Indoor Championships in Budapest. It was a great experience for me to see the biggest stars of athletics and take part in one of the world’s biggest sports events.

    Nowadays, I work in Hungarian competitions as a technical director. I have also worked at the 2009 European Athletics Convention and the 2010 European Team Championship 2010, where I was both a judge and a general volunteer. That was such a hard work ...

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  • Sharing volunteers’ opportunities

    Tuesday 16 November 2010

    Dear all,

    My name is Marie-Anne Midy and I am from France. I have been working as an intern at European Athletics for exactly 3 months today. I work with Bill and Patrick in the Development department and I am really excited about having this online community.

    I am a big fan of athletics and I try to help the community every time I can. This summer for instance I had the opportunity and chance to be a volunteer in Barcelona for the European Athletics Championships, even though I was not in the Young Leaders Forum, I really enjoyed the ...

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  • Promoting online community

    Monday 15 November 2010

    Hi Everyone,

    As I wrote in the previous blog, Slovenia coach conference was held. All Slovenian coaches spend an interesting weekend, educating about special topics, related to coaching. Some coaches of Slovenia's top athletes prepared a short presentation about the methods of training. So, I was really happy to be a part of this…

    I was invited to write an article for the Slovenia coach federation conference and do a presentation about young people in athletics, related with some other aspects in athletics, then coaching. I strongly believe, that athletics has many aspects; coaching, judging, marketing and management, competition ...

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  • Hello Everyone

    Thursday 11 November 2010

    Dear Friends,

    I am Kreete Pruul from Estonia and athletics has been my passion since I was a little girl. Last winter I applied as a volunteer for the European Athletics Championships. In May I had an interview in Barcelona and they offered me to work for the UNESCO Young Leaders Forum as a Team Leader. Of course I grabbed this opportunity and I must say that it was one of the best experiences in my life.

    Our responsibility was to make sure that all the participants were feeling good and enjoying the forum and I think we all had ...

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  • I need your feedback

    Wednesday 10 November 2010

    We had a meeting again about the community yesterday. We analyzed each section of the website and discussed which features should remain, be deleted and added. We discussed all afternoon, sticking ideas on the wall and analyzing them. I think that we ended up where we wanted. We now just have to wait for the technical implementation. Like I already said, it should be ready for the beginning of the year 2011.

    One thing that we are thinking of creating is a User Generated News. Each one of you could have access to it. You could write news stories about ...

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  • Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona

    Monday 08 November 2010

    I asked you in my previous blogs what types of volunteering you personally do and if you knew a way to get in touch with the 2000 volunteers of the European Athletics Championships held in Barcelona in 2010. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many answers, but you can still post a message if you have something to say or any ideas to help me. It’s not too late.

    Today I would like to speak to the people who were present at the Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona. I know that many members of this community were there. So I ...

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  • Hello everyone

    Thursday 04 November 2010

    My name is Luka Steiner and I am from Slovenia. Some of you know me already...I was one of the participants on the Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona last summer. A few weeks ago I met with Bill Glad at the European Athletics Convention in Belgrade, where we had an interesting conversation about the community and volunteering and projects. He invited me to be a guest blogger on the community website, so now I am taking my chance!

    After talking with Bill I can see that our community is developing. In my discussion group in Barcelona we said a ...

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  • Volunteers from Barcelona 2010

    Wednesday 03 November 2010

    I met Mr Joan Garcia today. He was the "Accommodation and Transport Director" for the European Athletics Championships held in Barcelona last summer. Bill and I had a very interesting conversation with him about the community. He seemed very enthusiastic about the concept and what has been done so far.

    Joan told us that there were approximately 2000 volunteers in Barcelona. For him, most of them would certainly be interested in participating in our community once all the features are ready on the website. We just need to find a way to attract them here in order to increase the ...

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  • Hello!

    Monday 01 November 2010

    Dear Members,

    My name is Patrick Mabillard. I'm 26 years old and I live in Switzerland. I just graduated from University with a Master of Science in Management. As a big sport fan, I tried to look for a job in a sport organization and I am now doing an internship at the European Athletics Association. My mission is mainly to monitor this community the best way I can. I had several meetings with Bill, Marc and Negar last week. We are working at the moment on the new features we will add to the website. I can already ...

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