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  • Goodbye (sort of)

    Thursday 23 December 2010

    Today is my last official working day at the European Athletics Head Office. My internship is over and I’ll have a new job at another company in Lausanne at the beginning of next year. But don’t worry, there will be another intern taking over starting in January.

    Although I won’t be managing the website on a day to day basis, I will try to remain as active as possible as a regular member and I hope to keep in touch with all my community friends.

    I am even thinking of writing some more blogs and I hope ...

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  • Operational Challenges and possible solutions of the Hungarian athletic clubs in the XXI century

    Monday 20 December 2010

    Responding to Patrick’s request about partner organisations for the community, I can add that I did a research about the Hungarian athletic clubs in 2009. It was in the “larder”, but now I can share it with you through this site. I think it’s still interesting.

    The presentation is called "Operational Challenges and Possible Solutions of the Hungarian Athletic Cubs in the XXI century" and was the base of my final thesis.

    You can find it on the following link: http://prezi.com/0tx6gdssjpb9/operational-challenges-and-possible-solutions-of-the-hungarian-athletic-clubs-in-the-xxi-century/.

    As I know there are similar problems in other countries in Europe. I ...

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  • Countdown

    Friday 17 December 2010

    We had a very interesting meeting last Tuesday in the European Athletics Head Office to prepare the launch operation. We were joined by two new members of the community who are both French but currently living in Switzerland – Sandra Xerri and Olivier Piron. Both are really keen to help us and contributed lots of good ideas to the discussion.

    The first thing we decided is that the launch activities will start on 10 January 2011. That is when the new features of website, including the volunteer hour registration tool, will be put online for the world to see.

    We have ...

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  • From Albufeira to Velenje to Budapest

    Wednesday 15 December 2010

    Last weekend, in Albufeira, Portugal, the 17th European Cross Country Championships took place. And I had an opportunity to go there and see a really great event. What a wonderful experience, especially for an athletics fan like myself (and, I can imagine, like all the members of our community).

    However, I went to Portugal mainly for an educational purpose and I had a lot of work there. The reason was that Velenje, Slovenia, the city where I live, will be the host of 18th European Cross Country Championships next year.

    I have been given a great opportunity, and a big ...

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  • Brainstorming Again

    Friday 10 December 2010

    Hello everyone, I need more help from you.

    From my earlier blogs you know that we are working on the new features focused on volunteering and that these will be set to go online in the coming weeks. With these we will be ready to take our community into a new dimension

    On the 10th of January, after we have tested for bugs and other problems, we would like to launch a communications outreach operation in order to hit as many people as possible. The aim is a big increase in the number of members, especially active members.

    And of ...

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  • Sport in Social Media

    Thursday 09 December 2010

    Hello everybody,

    First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mihály Zsiros, I’m 24 years old and I live in Budapest, Hungary. Maybe some of you know me, because I participated in the 1st Youth Forum in Gothenburg in 2006.

    Now I am studying for a sport management MSc and I’m a competitive distance runner.

    So what I would like to tell you: Some weeks ago I gave a presentation at a Congress on Sport Sciences for Students in my university. My topic was: Sport in social media. I know for example that the EAA uses ...

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  • Volunteering work

    Wednesday 08 December 2010

    I’m sure that you all remember my first blog on the first of November where I was asking you what types of volunteering you personally do. I didn’t get many answers to my question (one from Natalia and one from Adam, thank you again to you two by the way!), but I really need you to answer to this question in order to help Negar design the new volunteering functionalities on our community.

    Here is the list of areas that I have collected so far, from talking to people and taking into consideration your answers and your blogs ...

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  • Hello from Bavaria

    Monday 06 December 2010

    First I'd like to introduce myself. My Name is Jochen, I'm 28 years old and I live in Bavaria in Germany. Although I have just officially joined the Young Leaders Community, I'm such a thing like a veteran here, because I was one of the participants of the first Youth Forum at the European Championships in Gothenburg back in 2006.

    My life has been strongly linked with athletics since I was a child, so it´s no exaggeration that it is my sport for life!

    At the age of 18 I became responsible for competition management in ...

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  • Dear Friends!

    Thursday 02 December 2010

    Here is the second part of my story about the European Cross Country Championship Budapest 2012.

    Last Saturday in Hungary we had the National Cross Country Championship. This race is also a European Athletics Cross Country Permit Competition. It was the first public event, which belongs to the European Cross Country Championship Budapest 2012. So on one hand it was a regular national championship, but on the other hand it was something new.

    There were the usual races, but we also had a brand new one for the public. What was new? It’s called the ’Santa Claus Run’. It ...

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