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English Schools' Cross County, Norwich UK

Thursday 13 April 2017

This was the first time I had attended a cross country event and I was expecting wet, wind and lots of mud, but this wasn't the case!

My role on the day was based at the finish line; I was part of a team whose job it was to:
- take the top 10 athletes from each age group to the international tent, where they got kitted out for their next event,
- de-chipping all the athletes after they have finished their race.

There were six races in total varying from 3200m to 7200m with a total of eight athletes running from each county per age group.

After we got there and received our briefing from the lead officials we were free to peruse the site and see what New Balance had on offer in their merchandise HQ. After a few races on their cycle scale-electric cars and photos in the photo-booth it was time for the races to start.

We would see the athletes head off at the start line and then wait for them to finish off their course and head towards the finish line. We had to funnel the first 10 athletes, they were then taken to get kitted out in the international tent. Then the rest of the athletes crossed the line and we would help them de-chip and move down the finishing pen. Once all the athletes had crossed the line, they were able to head back to their county teams and get their time.

I had a great time helping at this event, to get involved next year, keep an eye out on the English Schools' Website for more details.


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