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European Youth Sport Forum - #EYSF2017

Monday 27 March 2017

During the 9th to the 13th of March, I had an amazing experience in Malta, during the European Youth Sport Forum. Sport Malta and ENGSO Youth organised this Forum and the main topics of discussion were social inclusion and volunteering, healthy lifestyle, and sport diplomacy.

120 Young Leaders from all over Europe reached Malta to participate, share their ideas and projects, and compare their experience with people coming from different countries and different sports.

Three days are never enough to talk properly about these topics, in fact the keynotes and the speeches were interesting but were quite superficial. Every day we split up in different groups to attend different workshops where we worked together to find solutions and give new ideas.

The best part of this forum has been meeting new people coming from different countries and networking with them. It has been newsworthy knowing how they work in their federations and in different sports and see how their ideas and projects could help in incrementing ours.

Some quotes from other attendees of the forum are below:

“It was great to be able to contribute to the Pink Paper and potentially shape EU Commission policies with the perspective of youth.”

“It was a shame that the discussions were so short in length. As the cohort of participants present had a substantial amount of knowledge to share in order to shape the recommendations and actions.”

“The networking opportunities were incredible, so many passionate young people, in all areas of sport and locations in Europe. Now it is time to use it, to share best practice and push our federations and organisations further. I look forward to collaborating with others on future projects across Europe.”

“My favourite bit was the interview, the one about the Special Olympics with the Maltese superstar athlete. It was great to hear his story about how it has changed his life.”

“A huge thank you to the facilitation team in enabling use to enjoy such a fantastic forum combined with practicals and a mix of non-formal learning opportunities.”

  • 1 year, 1 month ago

    Wow! Sounds amazing! Too bad i couldn't make it! :/

  • 1 year, 1 month ago

    Glad to meet up with so many Young Leaders from Amsterdam there, and thanks once again for another great experience! :)

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