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  • Be visible in the timeline of the potential athlete!

    Sunday 27 November 2016

    After a memorable summer with great sport memories, we made up our minds to develop plans for the future. During the European championships the Dutch Federation for Athletics was hoping for 100.000 visitors, but in the end more than 125.000 tickets were sold for ‘Amsterdam 2016’. Due to the successful European Championships in Amsterdam, athletics in the Netherlands is growing(!) and the Dutch federation expect to attract many new athletes in the few coming years!

    Now it’s necessary to take the opportunities we get and to retain the successes from last summer to support the athletics in ...

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  • Schools Athletics Programme

    Monday 21 November 2016

    The most important thing for any sport is to have more and more participants and people involved in it. It is the same with athletics, but there is always the question “How do we get more people involved?”.

    During the last couple of years there have been so many marketing campaigns, public events and advertisements, but it still looks like it is not enough. The reason is that all of these campaigns do not get the people really into it. These just give them the opportunity to try a small part of the athletics, but does not teach them what ...

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  • Earthquake puts a halt to the competition!

    Monday 14 November 2016

    Since 1971 the little Italian city called Rieti has organized one of the biggest athletics events that is held in Italy: the Rieti Meeting.

    Many world records have been broken during this meeting, including the 100m by Asafa Powell.

    Over the last three years, I can proudly say that I’m one of the 300 volunteers that every year reaches Rieti to help in the organization to make this event perfect.

    I usually work in the accommodation area and I stay in the athlete's’ hotels. All day long I try to provide them with all the information that they ...

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