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  • Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona

    Monday 08 November 2010

    I asked you in my previous blogs what types of volunteering you personally do and if you knew a way to get in touch with the 2000 volunteers of the European Athletics Championships held in Barcelona in 2010. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many answers, but you can still post a message if you have something to say or any ideas to help me. It’s not too late.

    Today I would like to speak to the people who were present at the Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona. I know that many members of this community were there. So I ...

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  • Hello everyone

    Thursday 04 November 2010

    My name is Luka Steiner and I am from Slovenia. Some of you know me already...I was one of the participants on the Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona last summer. A few weeks ago I met with Bill Glad at the European Athletics Convention in Belgrade, where we had an interesting conversation about the community and volunteering and projects. He invited me to be a guest blogger on the community website, so now I am taking my chance!

    After talking with Bill I can see that our community is developing. In my discussion group in Barcelona we said a ...

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  • Volunteers from Barcelona 2010

    Wednesday 03 November 2010

    I met Mr Joan Garcia today. He was the "Accommodation and Transport Director" for the European Athletics Championships held in Barcelona last summer. Bill and I had a very interesting conversation with him about the community. He seemed very enthusiastic about the concept and what has been done so far.

    Joan told us that there were approximately 2000 volunteers in Barcelona. For him, most of them would certainly be interested in participating in our community once all the features are ready on the website. We just need to find a way to attract them here in order to increase the ...

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