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  • Hi my European Athletics Young Leaders Community friends

    Thursday 18 November 2010

    My name is María Zapata and I was Deputy Director of Volunteers at the Barcelona 2010 European Athletics Championships. I was involved in the project since the early beginning and I have been working very hard but at the same time enjoying my every single moment at the B10 Organizing Committee.

    I was the lucky one, as I was working directly with the Volunteers, which after the athletes were the major figures of the Championships. Recruitment, selection, training and managing where my duties while on B10 and, apart from learning a lot, I had the chance to meet plenty of ...

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  • Dear Friends, Young Leaders!

    Wednesday 17 November 2010

    I am Ádám Erdélyi from Hungary. I’ve been an athletics judge since 2005, but I started to work as a volunteer earlier, at the 2004 World Indoor Championships in Budapest. It was a great experience for me to see the biggest stars of athletics and take part in one of the world’s biggest sports events.

    Nowadays, I work in Hungarian competitions as a technical director. I have also worked at the 2009 European Athletics Convention and the 2010 European Team Championship 2010, where I was both a judge and a general volunteer. That was such a hard work ...

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  • Sharing volunteers’ opportunities

    Tuesday 16 November 2010

    Dear all,

    My name is Marie-Anne Midy and I am from France. I have been working as an intern at European Athletics for exactly 3 months today. I work with Bill and Patrick in the Development department and I am really excited about having this online community.

    I am a big fan of athletics and I try to help the community every time I can. This summer for instance I had the opportunity and chance to be a volunteer in Barcelona for the European Athletics Championships, even though I was not in the Young Leaders Forum, I really enjoyed the ...

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