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  • Hello!

    Friday 26 November 2010

    Oh boy, lots is happening!

    I can see that many members have things to say on the blog section and that is great. Our community is becoming more and more active and the activity will increase after we get the new features and launch our first marketing outreach operation (which I am planning and working on every day).

    Be sure that you, the members, will have a part in the operation, so stay in touch for further information in the coming weeks.

    In the meantime, if some more of you want to write a blog, you can just send what ...

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  • Hello everyone!

    Wednesday 24 November 2010

    My name is Mariam and I come from Georgia. I am an office manager in the Georgian Athletics Federation. I used to be an athlete during many years, but I retired. So I can say that I love athletics with all my heart. For me, it’s very important to be able to remain part of it.

    I have enough free time to volunteer in all the competitions in my country. I try to help in every way I can. During competitions I often volunteer as a referee (I just finished my referee’s course).It’s a great experience ...

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  • Hi everyone

    Monday 22 November 2010

    I have met many of you at the Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona. I am very excited about this community and what it will offer all of you in the near future.

    We have listened to your feedback and ideas and are working on some very useful and fun features that will be of great value to all of you.
    I wanted to update you on he next features that we will be adding in the community.
    We are currently working on the Volunteering module, which will allow you, among other things, to register your volunteering hours for any athletics ...

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