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  • Sad News for Hungarian Athletics

    Friday 07 January 2011

    On the last day of the 2010, Dr Mihály Nyerges, sportsman, academic and sport leader, died of a serious disease. He was 64 years old.

    During his time as an active sportsman Dr Nyerges was a member of the Hungarian decathlon team.

    In his professional life, Dr Nyerges taught at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of Semmelweis University where he was the dean of the university for years. He was also the founder of the Hungarian sport management qualification.

    Dr Nyerges’ career as a sport leader started when he became the athletic section leader at “BEAC”, the ...

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  • My first blog!!!!

    Monday 03 January 2011

    Hello everyone, my name is Sandra Xerri and I am from France. As anticipated by Patrick in his latest blog, I am the new intern joining European Athletics in Lausanne for six months.
    Although most of my duties will focus on other projects, such as the European Athletics Women's Leadership Awards, I will be partly involved in the Young Leaders Community and I will do my best to create a real impact .

    My first experience in athletics was (like many of us) through school but at the time I never considered myself as part of the athletics movement. What ...

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  • Goodbye (sort of)

    Thursday 23 December 2010

    Today is my last official working day at the European Athletics Head Office. My internship is over and I’ll have a new job at another company in Lausanne at the beginning of next year. But don’t worry, there will be another intern taking over starting in January.

    Although I won’t be managing the website on a day to day basis, I will try to remain as active as possible as a regular member and I hope to keep in touch with all my community friends.

    I am even thinking of writing some more blogs and I hope ...

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