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  • What it takes to organise an event: Overview

    Monday 28 February 2011

    Dear friends,

    I have been really busy with my job and with the preparations for the Sparkassen Gala athletics meeting in Regensburg (www.sparkassen-gala.de), which will take place in June and for which I am in a leading position in the organization.

    The work that I am doing on the meeting made me think about the team that it takes for a successful event. Sometimes people volunteer and they only understand the section of the meeting or event they are working in. I was thinking it would be good to share some of my ideas on each of the ...

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  • More Milestones

    Wednesday 23 February 2011

    It is time for a little celebration.

    You will notice from the homepage that our Community has grown past two more milestones: we have gone over 700 members and 5,000 hours of donated work. That is great progress in just over a month since our official launch on 17 January. Well done to everyone!

    I think it is clear from these figures that there is real interest in our concept and what the community has to offer. Now the objectives are to keep growing and make sure that our membership is an active membership.

    Interestingly, I can see that ...

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  • Paris 2011 highlights the importance of volunteers

    Tuesday 15 February 2011

    Following on from my blog on Feb 9th I noticed an intersting press release from Paris 2011 last Friday. Here is an extract:

    "...Another mainspring of the organisation is the volunteers. No fewer than 414 volunteers have become involved with the organisation of these European Championships since having individual interviews to enable their wishes and particular skill sets to be identified and used to best effect. The majority of the volunteers are involved in the transport domain, with 99 people assisting in this area. In total there are thirteen allocated sectors, including reception, protocol, accommodation-catering, security as well as the ...

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