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  • From being a volunteer to being in charge of volunteers

    Tuesday 05 April 2011

    As some of you already know, I have been volunteering for a few athletics events such as the 2010 European Athletics Championships in Barcelona, Spain, but also for smaller events and the latest one was the 80km Eco-Trail that happened on 26 March 2011 in Paris, France.

    The main difference with this event is that for the first time I have been in charge of the entire race departure and therefore of all the volunteers working there.

    I had this opportunity because last year I was a volunteer in the same area, so I knew this year what to do ...

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  • A nice example of responsible engagement and how sport events can exhibit the best values.

    Friday 25 March 2011

    Earlier this month, Laurent presented to us the EcoTrail of Paris. This event is now taking place this week end, more than 6000 people will participate, supported by 400 volunteers.

    This event is full of good practice and ideas that benefit the sports and enroll people for some responsible action.

    Especially, I wanted to draw your attention to the Ethical chart which to me is a very good and concrete example of responsible engagement towards the nature, the people and the sports; in summary a best practice of how to use the value of sports to engage the community in ...

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  • Planning for success

    Wednesday 16 March 2011

    As you know, in Slovenia this year is really important for athletics. In my city of Velenje, we are organizing the 16th EA Classic Athletic Meeting in June and the 18th SPAR European Cross Country Championships in December. As you can imagine, such projects are demanding and a great challenge for the local organizing committee and also for me as member of the LOC in both projects.

    In such a busy year it becomes really clear that every organizer must plan all activities in order to prepare well. A high level of organization for such projects is required by European ...

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