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  • Goodbye for now

    Tuesday 31 May 2011

    It was a pleasure to work on the European Athletics Young Leaders Community for the past 4 (and a bit) months, but this experience is coming to an end on my side.

    Don't worry, though, as someone is there to take over. As for me, I’ll keep an eye on your activities and might pop some news up from time to time. I’m a volunteer in other sports organisations and it will be a good way to learn and a good way to catch new ideas and study differences with the world of athletics.

    There should be ...

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  • 9th European Cup Race Walking - Sweat, Friends, and Punk Rock

    Friday 27 May 2011

    Over 1,000 kilometres in long-distance driving back and forth, airport pick-ups, welcoming of delegations, overall management, administrative tasks, translation work, flash interview interpretation, taking athletes out of bed for blood sampling, general muscle burning, event photography, motivating the troops, getting motivated by the troops, short nights of sleep, and having a real blast from the overall organisational success – much due to the apparently innate ability of the volunteers to sacrifice and keep things rolling, sorting out solutions on the go and acting as a team. Behold a short checklist of the things you'd have done if you were ...

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  • Interesting Statistics from Olhão – European Cup Walking Race

    Thursday 19 May 2011

    Less than 10 days before the beginning of the event and the volunteer program is falling nicely into place, 123 people have volunteered to take on one of the 100 planned required volunteer positions.

    Among the statistic to retain in the volunteer workforce are the followings:

    55% of volunteer are students
    83% have already participated as a volunteer to other sports event
    95% have been a volunteer of the recent event held in Albufeira
    11% were volunteers for the Football Euro 2004
    15% were volunteers at the semi-marathon world championship in 2003
    15% were volunteers the cross country work championship ...

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