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  • Young Leaders Community - July Top 10s

    Tuesday 31 July 2012

    Rune Osa remains the most active Young Leaders Community member in Europe for the month of July. Considered Norway’s “most knowledgeable volunteer in all aspects of athletics” by his peers, Rune is actively involved with his club Florø Turn & Indrettsforening (See our news article dated 3 June).

    In addition, thanks to their recent involvement in the European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum in June, Ronja Egsmose andf Synne Hennie Berteussen enter out Top 10 most active members this month.

    Top 10 most active members

    1. Rune Osa - Norway - 1126 hours
    2. Malcolm Wallace - Great Britain and Northern Ireland - 520.5 ...

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  • My first experience as a volunteer

    Thursday 05 July 2012

    Dear community members,

    In December 2011 my home town organised 18th SPAR European Cross Country Championships. This competition was organised in Velenje in 1999, too. Velenje is one of the biggest Slovenian cities, but it has only 30.000 citizens. So, it's one of the smallest European Cross Country Chapmionships host cities. But we made everything works like it has to. Velenje was awarded for being the nicest big town (over 20.000 inhabitants) in country for 6 times.

    I worked on Cross Country project as a volunteer. Our teacher had asked us if we want to participate and ...

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  • My first work as a volunteer

    Wednesday 04 July 2012

    Dear members of the community,

    In December 2011, the city where I'm visiting secondary school organized 18th SPAR European Cross Country Championships. This contest is in Velenje has already been organized in 1999. Velenje is a city with 33,839 inhabitants, the fifth largest city in Slovenia. In comparison with other cities in Europe Velenje is a very small town. We can say that Velenje is one of the smallest cities to have hosted the Cross Country Chapmionships. Despite Velenje’s small size the event was implemented better than in other big cities around Europe.

    At our school we ...

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