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  • Something is running in Lithuania

    Friday 16 November 2012

    I would like to introduce you to Aidas Ardzijauskas. His name is really complex and difficult to pronounce but he is a straight forward person with good intentions. He is 41, he works as a firefighter and he is a passionate ultra-long distance runner. During his career he has already run over 37,000 km!!!

    Last spring, he ran a total of 1,200 km around Lithuania during 24 days in order to promote the healthy lifestyle of athletics and to raise funds for “SOS Children’s Village”. This initiative had 3 media conferences with national TV, radio and many ...

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  • Pre-Cyprus Forum

    Thursday 08 November 2012

    The European Youth & Sports Forum 2012 is an initiative promoted by the European Union and the European Youth Foundation which will take place the last week of November in the city of Larnaca, Cyprus. The programme is similar to the European Athletics UNESCO Young Leaders Forum that took place in Helsinki earlier this year, but instead on focusing on athletics, people participating in the EYSF 2012 will discuss the topics of volunteering, physical activity and healthy lifestyles, and youth development in the sport environment.

    I know that Miikka, one of the facilitators in Helsinki will be attending (I am sure ...

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  • More and More

    Friday 02 November 2012

    “Our time is so specialized that we have people who know more and more or less and less” Alvar Aalto, Finnish architect (1898-1976)

    Following this line of thought, I guess everyone wants to be in the “more & more” group. So, I propose a fun activity for each of you that will take 4 minutes of your time and will help you get to the “more & more” side.

    This activity aims at promoting our online platform on your personal Facebook or Twitter in two easy steps:
    1. It can be as easy as copy/paste the link, and say for example ...

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