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  • Dear Santa Claus,

    Thursday 20 December 2012

    Dear Santa Claus,

    How are you and Mrs Claus doing? I hope your children the elves have not been trouble makers any more.
    Two years ago I asked for pair of track shoes and you brought me an online platform for young leaders, so I could virtually walk all around Europe and see what others do. Last year I asked you for a computer and a magic window to see my European friends. I missed playing with them. And you brought me the EA-Young Leaders Forum in Helsinki and a smart phone instead of a computer. (It’s ok, I ...

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  • Voluntaris2000.org Looks Forward

    Friday 14 December 2012

    I am pleased to introduce you to “Voluntaris2000.org”, an organization for volunteers that was founded before the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992. They participate very actively in the public life of the city managing events and mobilizing volunteers. Just for your information, Voluntaris2000 organizes and promotes 70/80 events each year, from cultural events, to social, environmental and of course Sport events at the local, national and international level.

    While talking with the President of Voluntaris2000, Braulio Saez, we both agreed that volunteering is a healthy life-style: when you do it once and discover its power, you can’t ...

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  • after EYSF2012 is TIME FOR ACTION

    Friday 07 December 2012

    I just got back to Paris after a wonderful week on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Now, I’m sitting on the chair at the office, looking out the window and all I see is the cloudy sky and the 18th century buildings with walls made of stone. But my eyes see further than my window-view and my thoughts are much more positive. I have a smile on my face while thinking of other young people translating words into action across Europe.

    Last week, I attended the European Youth & Sport Forum in Cyprus which gathered 100 participants from 28 European ...

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