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  • It is time for adrenalin!!!

    Friday 01 February 2013

    As all of you know, February and March are crucial months on the competition area. There are many national and international championships going on, from indoor to cross country. But moreover, 2013 is a year full of big events!! Check this link for an overview of the calendar.

    I can tell you there is a huge difference on watching the athletes compete from the couch of your house through the TV, or going to the field and listen the crow going crazy with the shot gun! If you attend to cross country competitions ...

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  • 10 commandments for young leaders

    Sunday 27 January 2013

    For this 2013 the young leaders should follow the “10 commandments list”, for been an exemplar leader:

    - Register yourself as a member of the European Athletics young leaders community
    - Make sure you upload a picture. (And if you smile in the picture, you will get extra points).
    - Complete all your profile information: nation, contact, email…
    - Register all the hours that you have volunteered (remember that European Athletics will give you a certificate if you arrive to 100h!!)
    - Find your friends in the registered member list, and add them. It is always exciting to see that you have a friend request ...

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  • 'Club Atletisme Playas de Castellon' promotes the city of Castellon

    Tuesday 22 January 2013

    The Spanish city of Castellon has always been a city focused in the development of sport. The sport has grown in Castellon thanks to the support of public and private sponsors, and the investment of a large number of financial and personal resources by sports clubs of the city. All this effort was recognized by the European Union as Castellon was named European Capital of Sport in 2012.

    One of the clubs that best represents the city of Castellon is the ‘Club Atletisme Playas de Castellon’, the best Spanish athletics club which has adopted different strategies to promote the city ...

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