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  • The Spanish Federation listens to the voice of youth.

    Wednesday 20 February 2013

    Last Saturday 16th of February the Permanent Commission of the Spanish Athletic Federation approved the initiative presented of creating a Youth Committee within its structure.

    In June 2012 the European Athletics – UNESCO Young Leaders Forum toke place in Helsinki where for the first time the participants at the Forum came up with a Final Declaration of intentions. It this document there is a collection of recommendation about five topics: youth leadership, social inclusion, women’s leadership and gender equality, informal education and community development. More specifically, on the first topic mentioned the young leaders encourage: “the establishment of a Youth ...

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  • Sportur moments

    Friday 08 February 2013

    It is monday morning, 8 o’clock. We arrive to the school parking, with the car filled with sports materials: hurdles, ladder, balls, hula-hoops, flagpoles and many others. It’s Sportur time! We put on our red t-shirts with the logo of Sport for Life NGO. We turn heads. Everyone knows that today Gabriela Szabo, the multiple Olympic medalist, will come and do sports with children.

    We enter to the gym and present ourselves: "Sport for Life is an NGO established by Gabriela Szabo. Together with the Romanian Athletics Federation we adapted the IAAF Kids’ Athletics program and Sportur was ...

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  • Hello from Slovenia

    Monday 04 February 2013

    Hello Community Members!

    My name is Peter Kukovica and I have recently joined the Athletics Community. For the past eight years, I have been the president of the Slovenia Athletic Federation, but that is just the latest period of my involvement in athletics. I really started as a child when I would go with my father, who was a coach, to the stadium. I learned about all aspects of athletics – running, jumping and throwing - and got to know the beauty of our sport.

    I followed my passion and soon become a middle distance runner. In an eight year-long career I ...

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