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  • People helping people

    Sunday 24 March 2013

    Have you ever volunteer in some activities organized in your community?
    Have you ever handed a bottle of water to a thirsty runner in a race?
    Have you ever carried clothing baskets for the athletes?
    Have you ever built a fence in a cross-country competition?

    If you respond yes to any of these questions then you understand the feeling of volunteering. It is something that cannot be described by words of others, each individual has to do it by themselves to fully understand how good of a feeling it is.

    I you haven’t volunteer yet but you are interested ...

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  • Will, Strength and determination in Florence-ITA

    Thursday 14 March 2013

    Three months ago I met Xicu Colomar in Cyprus at the European Youth and Sport Forum 2012. Just as an anecdote, we realized that he competed at the Junior Mediterranean cup in 2008 in Florence where I was a volunteer.

    I’m Eleonora, I’m a 28 and I come from Florence, Italy. I practiced many sport since I was a child: swimming, tennis, softball, soccer and at the age of 13 after winning a cross country race for my school, I fell in love with the queen of sport: athletics!

    I started running with the club Atletica Firenze Marathon ...

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  • YES-WE-RUN an educational programme for international project management

    Friday 01 March 2013

    Do you want to be a project manager?
    Do you want to invest in your organisations future?
    Do you want to use Sport and Physical Activity to bring people from different cultures together?

    YesWeRun is a non-formal educational programme organized by ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association) for young leaders in Europe. The programme includes 3 residential trainings (Denmark, Hungary and Portugal) and 2 practice phases (NowWeMoveWeek2013 and Developing International Projects).

    “Through this programme, ISCA intends to create a Pool of Project Managers across Europe, which will work closely with ISCA Youth Network Coordinator to increase the number and quality ...

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