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  • Swedish Youth Council 4 Athletics!

    Sunday 14 April 2013

    Hi Young Leaders

    My name is Asa Jonsson, I am from Sweden and I am also a young leader. Right now I am the president of a youth board integrated with the national athletic association. In the Swedish Youth Council for Athletics we are proud to be one of the best organized Youth Council in the country. Our main purpose is to:

    - arrange venues and a possibility to build networks for young athletics leaders
    - make sure that young people get their voices heard at national level in athletics
    - strengthen the young people that want to get engaged in the clubs ...

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  • Be part of a great competition...

    Friday 05 April 2013

    I want to share my experiences with you! I worked in the LOC of the European Cross Country Championship 2012. I worked as a Technical Director, so my story is an “inside” story. I had some experience about organization of events, but those were really small competitions. So for me the EA Cross Country Championship was a huge event – I should say, that was like the Olympic Games for me!

    What did I like the best during the organization?
    I think the best part was the teamwork and cooperation with others. I had to work together with the EA staff ...

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  • From one time volunteering to a lifetime commitment

    Friday 29 March 2013

    When did I start volunteering? I have to say it was a process of getting into the volunteering world, working with other people and collaborating with athletic organizations. Actually, now that I think about it, I believe my passion for helping people started while being at the high performance center in Madrid. I ran the 400 meters hurdles and as you can imagine our practices included moving the hurdles constantly to proceed with different exercises. I was always up for clearing off hurdles after our workouts were done. So I can say that my volunteering started as a daily routine ...

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