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  • Thoughts from Moscow

    Friday 09 August 2013

    This year I was given a great opportunity and honour to represent my small country, Slovenia, at the 49th IAAF Congress in Moscow. Being here at this time, taking part in the workings of this world-wide organisation and meeting many people who are dedicated to developing our sport has been a very special and inspiring experience.

    It will take me some time to digest all that has happened around the Congress, and what will happen during the championships in the coming week, but I would like to share some initial observations with our Young Leaders Community.

    Just following the daily ...

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  • Volun-thetics – Volunteering in athletics

    Wednesday 31 July 2013

    Volunteering in sports is an amazing experience that is unique, once in a life-time and always different. In the past 10 years I have been involved in more than 30 sport events in different kind of sports, but mainly in athletics events, held in Bulgaria and abroad.

    We as young people have different interests and activities, but we have also a strong social feeling and we are highly motivated in create and change the world we are living in. One of the best places to combine such motivation is to become a volunteer is a sport event, because it is ...

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  • Athletics is into your daily routine!

    Friday 26 July 2013

    When you are running to catch the bus, you are doing athletics; when you are throwing stones as far as you can into the sea, you are doing athletics as well; and when you jump to see if you can reach the ceiling, guess what? You are also doing athletics.

    From the moment you wake up, you start doing all types of physical activities, because moving, running, throwing and jumping are implied in everyone’s daily routine. That means each person has the potential to do it! So don’t seat on the chair after you read that. Don’t ...

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