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  • Life time experience – Zurich style 2014

    Friday 19 September 2014

    Between 10th and 15th of August 2015 I had the honor to be part of something very special. All the people who were involved will understand me very well. I mean the EA-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum held in Zurich together with the European Athletics Championship.

    First of all everything related to the Forum and the Championship was with “perfect Swiss timing”. The organizing committee of the Championship and the organizers of the Forum did a perfect job and in my opinion everything was more than perfect. I can express only one negative side of everything – it was too short in ...

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  • Zurich 2014… will always be in my memory

    Monday 08 September 2014

    A month ago I was contacting young leaders and preparing for the Young Leaders Forum. The team involved into the organization was working hard to finalize all the details in order to have everything ready: logistics, program, workshop facilitation, registration of participants and projects on the www.athleticscommunity.org and many other activities. The pre-forum activities were fun, but it was just the beginning.

    During the 5 intense days of the Forum, I met many talented young leaders that will have a huge impact in this community. I was inspired by many of the participants, speakers and also by athletes ...

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  • Volunteer?? YES, thank you!!

    Wednesday 27 August 2014

    My name is Jasmin Gavranović. I'm 24, and I started volunteering 5 years ago. At first I volunteered out of boredom and curiosity, but when I started meeting new people, where I learned to accept other opinions, learned the skills of nonviolent communication and teamwork, then I realized that volunteering provides an opportunity to belong somewhere and find your place in the world, but and to help other people. Because I think that in life we have to give ourselves, and not just look for something from others.

    My first days of volunteerism are related to Tuzla Community Foundation ...

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