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  • Inspired to take action in Israel by YLF 2014

    Monday 06 October 2014

    Thankfully, I was part of this wonderful Forum that taught me a lot of new things and also it helped me to meet new people all over Europe who love athletics.

    Personal conversations with the other participants are the thing that contributed the most to my learning about the athletics in Europe. I happy to say that participates gave me many ideas for the development of athletics among young.

    Today I understand that in most of the countries there is an economic problem that affects directly athletics. Our sport gets a small budget and low popularity, as opposed to ball ...

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  • Time flies in Denmark since Young Leaders Forum

    Monday 29 September 2014

    Over a month ago, we all were in Zürich at the forum, and had a good time together, but what has changed since then?

    After the …
    My thoughts revolve around the athletic world in a completely new way compared to before the forum. That is one of the biggest changes. Every time I have a task in the committee or in my club, it will be priority number one!

    And I think it is because we have been a part of a huge experience at the forum and also in the stadium. We experienced one of the biggest and fastest-growing ...

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  • It was a wonderful feeling to contribute to Zurich's Forum success

    Monday 22 September 2014

    As the European Athletics Championships were held in the middle of August in Zürich, the UNESCO Young Leaders Forum was hosted at the same time in the Swiss city, in which I was representing Hungary.

    I was pretty much excited about the journey, because it required lots of pre-organizations and –work. Among other things, each participant had to prepare a big display about an athletics-related topic. These posters were later exhibited on the Forum. My topic was about the importance of the Kids’ Athletics, and especially my little kids’ group, whom I have been training for 3 years now, within ...

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