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  • Zurich was diifferent, happily different

    Monday 17 November 2014

    It is not easy to describe all about Young Leaders Forum 2014 (YLF 2014). Zurich was different, happily different. Maybe, I can say that YLF 2014 was an experience I will always remember.

    There were four Spanish people that went to Switzerland, including myself. All of us enjoyed the Forum. Personally the Forum helped me to know how important volunteering in the sport is. Now, I can not imagine sport without volunteers.

    Furthermore, I learned all that I need to manage a project in my local community. I think that the workshops of every country were amazing and I could ...

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  • YLF 2014: A load of motivation

    Monday 27 October 2014

    When I received the call from the Italian Athletics Federation asking me if I was available to attend the Forum I was astonished. I knew about the Forum and I really wanted to partecipate, but I never had the chance. It was a real surprise!

    I had a lot of expectations about this huge event organized every two years by European Athletis and I was looking forward to see if it was as amazing as I thought. now I can say actually that was a lot beyond my expectations

    During the 5 days in Zurich I met a lot of ...

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  • From Zurich to Macedonia

    Wednesday 15 October 2014

    The goal of this forum was to bring together young leaders from 45 countries in one place and let us raise our knowledge and share our past experiences, through interactive presentations, workshops and lecture full of interesting information, which every young leader can easily apply them in their federation, club or association.

    The experience that we have gained in Zurich, on how others apply athletics in their countries and the European Association, I consider it so much worth. I will try to convey and implemented in our federation who obviously need new systems and ways of working.

    During the forum ...

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