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  • Media on Sport events! Praha 2015

    Monday 09 March 2015

    It is amazing how the technology has evolve in the last 10 years. And so, big sport events like the EA Indoor Championship can benefit from those who turn image into emotions, pictures & videos into memories. Here in this blog, I would like to share an outstanding video. It is just a few minutes that condense many of the situations lived in the capital of Check Republic. Praha 2015 is over, but many of us will watch again and again videos on social media platforms about what happened in that competition.

    Sports goes beyond the competition and the stadium. It ...

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  • My experience at European Champion Clubs Cup Cross-Country in Guadalajara, Spain

    Monday 16 February 2015

    It all started in a physical education class in 4th grade. The teacher made us a speed test and realized that the shy girl ran faster than the rest of the classmates. He decided to tell my parents and I soon began practicing at Athletics Union club Guadalajara, where I still remain after 12 years. They welcomed me in the best way possible, I found a family in them, so that athletics became my lifestyle. I had found my sport.

    My first steps were on the Cross-Country. All suffering is compensated when I reached the finish line and I told ...

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  • Presenting Athletics Community concept to Carlos III University of Madrid

    Thursday 29 January 2015

    2015 is a year that has many interesting events. From EA Indoor championship in Prague, at the beginning of March, to the opportunity of funding applications by UNESCO or ERASMUS+.

    Since I started volunteering back in Barcelona 2010 EA Championship, my life has evolved so much, and many of the reasons why it has been shaped come from athletics. I have learnt so much by sharing my ideas with other people who are really keen about this sport. Now I am collaborating with the EA Future Group, on board with other 9 young leaders from all around Europe in order ...

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