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  • STORY #1: 2015 From the perspective of a teamer

    Friday 15 January 2016

    I would like to think of 2015 as the year where everything started. A new youth team was found within the German Youth department of the German Athletics federation and I was able to be a part of its first meeting. We met up in early march and just like any athlete immediately started to prepare for our first season. Three German Championships were on our agenda, all of them within three weeks in July and August. Usually, a team needs time to grow until things get in place and working procedures become a habit. However, it tooks us probably ...

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  • An active week in Brussels – The 1st European Week of Sport

    Friday 25 September 2015

    From 7th to 13th September, Brussels was more active than ever. The first European Week of Sport (EWoS) took place these days across the continent, and the city of European institutions took a great part in making it memorable.

    The flagship event of the EWoS happened on 9th September, where prestigious speakers shared their vision about living an active life. Among them, long distance running legend, Paula Radcliffe – an ambassador for the EWoS – emphasized the role of running in her life as a problem-solving tool.

    Another high-level gathering for stakeholders of grassroot sports at European level happened in the second ...

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  • The IAAF world champs.

    Friday 04 September 2015

    Been at the world champs is one step closer to the Olympics Games in Rio 2016. The Olympics is really what you judge your athletic carrier on. The world champs in Beijing this year is a huge step to this. Everyone steps it up.

    Been able to experience the call room, the warm up, the noise is like nothing you expect. I gennerly fond that you don’t get to see much of the host city unless you take the time to do it. As a team (irish 4x400m) we rented a bus to see the Grate Wall, went into ...

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