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  • Slovenian Athletics in 2015

    Thursday 18 February 2016

    Year 2015 was grand in many way for the Slovenian Athletics. From the athletic point of view, we have witnessed a successful generation switch, which resulted in historic number of medals from international championships for your categories (World Youth Championship, European Junior Championship and European U23 Championship).

    From the operational point of view, year 2015 was successful as well. Two events we are most proud of is the 20th edition of the European Athletics Classic Permit meeting in Velenje, which resulted in first Slovenian sub-10 seconds run and many world class performances from many of our home athletes. The other ...

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  • STORY #4: 2015 challenging Italian young leaders

    Monday 08 February 2016

    2015 has been the toughest (in the good sense) year for me and our community in Atleti per Caso.
    Fist of all we changed name in TrackArena and became international!

    Last year broke every record, doubling the number of the news written by our team, doubling the number of the page impressions and increasing by 40% the number of the competitions where we sent a photographer.

    Team continued growing and we needed an internal reorganization to keep the machine working smooth. Managing all the team is becoming quite hard, but the passion is the same, and all the difficulties will ...

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  • STORY #2: 2015 was bitter-sweet in Denmark

    Tuesday 19 January 2016

    2015 was for me a very mixed year. Many good things happened, but also many challenges in my voluntary work in athletic. One of the biggest things was to be a part of Danish Athletic Federations education called “Make Athletic Happen” – it was an education programme for young event and management leaders. The education gave me and the other participants new motivation, and working with athletics gave me a lot of experience, which I can use now and in the future. During and after the training, I tried to make a new initiative, but unfortunately it didn’t go as ...

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