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  • Katrin Heyers, Ready for the Young Leaders Forum.

    Wednesday 08 June 2016


    My name is Kate, I'm 22 years old and currently studying psychology in Dusseldorf, Germany. I am the head of the national Youth-Team of our Federation and a mentor for the national Anti-Doping Program. Additionally I represented the EA Anti-Doping Program at the U20 and U23 European Championships last year and will do the same at the U18 European Championships this summer.

    I have been involved in athletics for 16 years, first as an athlete and nowadays as a coach for boys and girls in the age between 13-15. More importantly, however, I am a part of the ...

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  • Mikkel Hansen, aka Mr. Hansen! ;)

    Tuesday 07 June 2016

    My name is Mikkel, I am 22 years old and from Copenhagen in Denmark!

    Right now I am webmaster on TrackArena Danmark (athletic webpage and Facebookpage). Previously I was a part of the Danish Athletic federations youth committee.
    This year I will be in charge of a new team in my club (U18), which will be the link from youth to senior!
    Last but most important: I am one of the Young Leaders helping with the preparation of the EA Young Leaders Forum in Amsterdam!
    Who is next? GO GO GO!
    And I look forward to see all of you ...

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  • 300 talents for the Queen, Belarus

    Monday 21 March 2016

    The final of the national sport mass event “300 talents for the Queen” took place in the Minsk sport complex on December 26th, 2015. The best 300 kids from Belarus took part in this event. The President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka and IAAF vice-president S. N. Bubka visited the event as the major honored guests. Alexander Lukashenka wished success to all the kids and called the other Belarusian federations to follow the organization example of such events.

    The kids competed in 4 program sporting events: the ball throwing from behind the head, hurdle race, cross jumps and ...

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