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  • A view from Argentina - The next Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Buenos Aires

    Sunday 07 May 2017

    Little known, certainly because of their novelty, the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was born in 2010 with its first summer version held in Singapore from 14 to 26 August 2010. The first winter version was held in Innsbruck, Austria, from 13 to 22 January 2012. The next edition will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 1 to 12 of October 2018.

    As I currently live in Argentina (San Miguel de Tucuman), I can confirm Argentina is a contrasted country. As in France, the capital (Buenos Aires), is not representative at all of the whole country. For example, if you ...

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  • Sport and volunteering – a key to social inclusion and more

    Monday 17 April 2017

    Have you ever thought: Why volunteering?

    All you do is work and work for no money in return and in the end, you only get a “Good job, thanks for your invaluable time and commitment” and in some cases a certificate which could boost your CV when applying for a “real” job. So, why and what makes people continue to work voluntarily?

    It is not often that I stop and think about what I am doing with my life… Okay pause, first of all, a short sum up of me: I am currently going to university studying full time, I ...

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  • English Schools' Cross County, Norwich UK

    Thursday 13 April 2017

    This was the first time I had attended a cross country event and I was expecting wet, wind and lots of mud, but this wasn't the case!

    My role on the day was based at the finish line; I was part of a team whose job it was to:
    - take the top 10 athletes from each age group to the international tent, where they got kitted out for their next event,
    - de-chipping all the athletes after they have finished their race.

    There were six races in total varying from 3200m to 7200m with a total of eight athletes running ...

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